LLAMA IIIA XA XV III Micromax .22 .32 .380 Small Frame Grips – GRITTY


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Note: Some of the Llamas has either a short standard slide stop or a
extended slide stop like the Micromax, please be sure to select the
correct slide stop that you have on your firearm from the drop down
menu. For the extended slide stop feature, I will mill out a section on
the upper corner grip panel for proper clearance of the extended slide


  • Made in USA
  • One (1) pair of DURAGRIPS “GRITTY” grips for the small frame Llama.
  • The gritty texture on these grips are part of the grips itself, it will not flake or come off.
  • Any white glares seen in photo are just reflections from the lighting.
  • These grips will fit the small frame Llama in .22lr, .32acp or .380acp only.
  • Combination of precision CNC machining and hand finishing.
  • Not mass produced, but one set at a time with care and attention to details.
  • Uses your factory grip screws ( not included )
  • Full refund if you are unsatisfied in any way.



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Slide Stop

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